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Cherkasy Region

Cherkasy Region is located in the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine. Its area is 20,9 thousand square km that makes 3,5% of total territory of Ukraine. The region is divided into 20 districts. The region comprises 6 cities of regional and 10 cities of district submission, 15 settlements of rural type and 823 rural settlements. The number of population in Cherkasy Region makes 1435,2 thousand people or 2,9% of total population of Ukraine.

Cherkasy Region is rich in minerals and the most found and developed are non-metallic resources. Over one hundred deposits of the brick-tiled raw material are known that enables to produce roofing and facing materials, hollow ceramic blocks and drainage pipes. There are large supplies of building sands and stone in the region. The productions of the Starobabyn and Tansk deposits of granite are well-known beyond regional boundaries. The benthonic and paligorskite clays are exported also. Cherkasy Region has large reserves of secondary kaolin, brown coal, peat and bauxite. There are well-grounded prognoses on exposure of new deposits of titan, phosphorite, apatite, mineral dyes and combustible slates (Boltysk deposit). The last one is the very perspective on amount and quality (the contents of resin is too higher, and it enables, using the proper technology, to obtain 800 million tons of crude oil here).

In the left-bank part of the region there are large supplies of mineral-medical waters of Myrgorodska and the radon water has been found in Zvenygorod, Talniv, Lysyan and Korsun-Shevchenkivsky districts.

Due to favourable climatic conditions the vegetation is rich in the region, including forests and various fauna.

By the structure of economy the region is industrially-agrarian. In the gross production the share of industry makes 36% as well as agriculture – 27%. More than 300 enterprises are functioning in the region. They produce electric power and coal, mineral fertilizers, ammonia, chemical fibres, facilities of automation and computing engineering, equipment for processing industries, stock-raising and production of forages, consumer goods of food and non food groups. There are the most important branches in the food industry such as sugar, meat processing, wheat-groat, liqueur and vodka, canning. The production volumes are stably extended in the regional industrial complex. For the first half of 2003 there was manufactured the products in operating prices to the amount of 1625,5 million hryvna that exceeds the volume of production output for proper period of previous year by 24,6%. The most productive structures were the enterprises of chemical, food, cellulose-paper and printing industry, enterprises of machine-building and processing of agricultural production.

The agriculture is well-developed in Cherkasy Region: all categories of farms grow cereals and grain legumes, sugar beet, maize and others. The stock-raising industry is intensively developed. For the first half of 2003 the enterprises of regional agroindustrial complex got 300 million hryvna of credits, including agricultural producers – 142 million hryvna, from them on favourable conditions – 66,8 million hryvna.

Today 5353 small enterprises with the number of employees over 45,5 thousand people are functioning in Cherkasy Region. For the first half-year of 2003 the business structures of small business deducted 33,1 million hryvna (by 36,8% bigger than for the proper period of 2002) in budgets of all levels, including in local budgets – 16,9 million hryvna (by 1,6 times bigger).

The investment activity in the region came alive. In the first half-year of 2003 due to all forms of property and sources of financing there were mastered the capital investments to the amount almost 247 million hryvna that is by almost 14% bigger than in the proper period of last year. The investments in the fixed assets prevailed and they made over 220 million hryvna. 76,5% of these facilities was directed in perfection of active part of the fixed assets such as technical equipment, machines and mechanisms; it was directed 23,5% on building and installation works. By the types of economic activity the most investments in the fixed assets were provided by the enterprises of processing industry, including food industry, production of machines and equipment, electric power, gas and water, wholesale and retail trade, repair services, ground transport and communication, agriculture.

For January-April, 2003 almost 300 enterprises of different forms of property performed the foreign trade operations with partners from 72 countries. The volume of foreign trade for this period of time made USD 130 million (129,2% to the proper period of last year). In the commodity structure of export the most share is covered by fertilizers (30%), synthetic and artificial threads (16,1%), organic chemical compounds (14%), clothes (5,9%), wood and wood wares (4%), machines and equipments (3,7%). The mass from wood, paper, cardboard, products of chemical and branches connected with it, machines and equipments, textile and garment, tobacco is imported.

And however the much riches of Cherkasy Region are its people. Their welfare and health is the subject of permanent attention of the regional power. The health protection sphere of the region comprises 268 medical and prophylactic establishments of all types, including 213 ambulatory-out-patient (106 establishments are incorporated with hospitals). For providing before-doctor medical-sanitary help to the rural population 565 feldsher-midwife stations and 29 feldsher health stations at industrial enterprises and organizations function in the region. 4834 doctors and 14 390 middle medical employees work in the field of health protection.

Five children's sanatoriums are functioning in the region. The children from 3 to 14 years old with the diseases of cardio-vascular system, respiratory organs, digestion, buds and urethra tracks, motoric system, with psychoneurological diseases and patients with tuberculosis are making healthy here. 9-10 thousand children makes healthy annually. All sanatoriums have the medical-diagnostic equipment and provide the wide range of medical services, including physical therapy; their personnel has a great experience of rehabilitation-health work with children.

As mean of support of health the sport is widely propagandized in Cherkasy Region. 45 sport schools, including one school for invalids, 31 stadiums, 11 swimming pools and 586 sporting halls are functioning in the region.

The process of improvement of the network of educational establishments is proceeding in Cherkasy Region that enables to diversify types, structure and forms of studies. The region has the very high potential of the gifted young people: including from their total number of subject Olympiad participants of the country 40 pupils (55%) are its natives. There are 706 preschool establishments and 709 schools in the region as well as Small Academy of Sciences, Small Academy of Arts and 12 specialized schools. The schools are computerized and in 2003 due to different sources of financing 1469 computer facilities were acquired; 107 educational computer complexes were equipped; 37 general educational establishments were connected to the network Internet, including 6 establishments have their sites. 10 thousand students are studying in 27 vocational schools by 119 working specialities. Over 50 thousand students are studying in 27 establishments of higher education of І-ІV levels of accreditation. Almost all these cells (99,9%) work in the Ukrainian language regime.

The wide network of cultural-art establishments operates in Cherkasy Region. These are regional musical-drama theatre named after T. G. Shevchenko, regional theatre of dolls, regional philharmonic society, Kaniv state school of culture, Uman state musical school named after P. D. Demutsky, Cherkasy musical school named after S. S. Gulak-Artemovsky, 40 schools of aesthetic education, 738 Houses of culture, 766 libraries and museums. Such detail testifies to the increase of the culture standard of regional population: for the last 10 years the number of newspapers and magazines published in the region has been increased by 8 times. The palette of these editions is too various. The thematic orientation covers all spheres of public life, orientated on practically all social groups of population.

Cherkasy land gave life and accepted in its cuddles prophet of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko. The state mind and military talent of hetman Bogdan Khmelnytsky has been raised in Cherkasy land and the local people has firstly glorified his exploits, and exploits of his associates as Ivan Bogun and Maxim Kryvonos. The motion of haidamaks by the leadership of Maxim Zaliznyak and Ivan Gonta appeared in the Kholodny Yar forests. In the small town of Kamyanka on the slopes of the Tyasmyn River in the estate of Davydovy the group of officers later named by Decembrists developed the plans of overthrow of czarist regime. The historical inheritance of Cherkasy land is carefully protected in six historical-cultural preserves and 39 state museums, which accumulate memory about the former capital of register Cossacks, Korsun-Shevchenkivsky battle in the Great Patriotic War, writers S. S. Gulak-Artemovsky, I. S. Nechuy-Levytsky, Ivan Le and others as well as memory about many hundred those nameless Ukrainians created the miracle for almost two centuries – the Dendrology Park «Sofiyivka». The present of Cherkasy Region is also result of selfless labour of people lived here.

Cherkasy Region is picturesque, flowering and rich land, which has all conditions that people here will be lived better.

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