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Rivne Region

For years of independence many substantial changes have been happened in all spheres of public life in Rivne Region. In particular, for the last three years the growth of industrial production in majority branches of the industry has been provided such as woodworking – by 2.6 times, production of construction materials and glass wares – by 2.2 times, extraction of non power materials – by 2.5 times, light industry – by 1.4 times, food – by 1.3 times and machine-building – by 1.7 times.

The growth rates of industrial production in 2003 are one of the highest in Ukraine by results of the first quarter and made 20.6% at 10.7% in Ukraine.

For the period of 1997-2002 the match factory with the capacity of 630 million boxes per year has been commissioned for the first time in Ukraine as well as the powerful Ukrainian and CIS Glass Plant "Consumers-Glass-Sunset" JSC with the capacity of 210 million units of glass container per year; the Jeweller Plant "Ukrburshtyn" SE was built; the modern production of water proof plywood has been arranged at the LLC "ODEK-Ukraine"; the output of new types of products has been mastered at the Rivne Plant of Non Woven Materials, enterprise "Verstatnyk" and Enterprise "Aquaton".

On the base of the JSC "Kostopil Glass Plant" there was created the JSC "Kostopil Plant of Glass Wares" that makes glass products competitive on the internal market.

The LLC "Svispan-Limited" extends capacities on manufacturing high-quality products of wood plates. The modern technologies are introduced at the JSC "Rokytniv Glass Plant". The JSC "Volyn-Cement" extends its production volumes.

The output of new types of competitive products at the enterprises of food industry is being introduced: JSC "Kostopil Factory of Food Consumer Products", Goshchan Factory of Food Consumer Products, Rivne Confectionary Factory and LLC "Agropererobka". On the base of the JSC "Mizots Sugar Plant" there was created the LLC "Newest Starched Technologies" on manufacturing treacle for confectionary factories and enterprises of food industry.

The production range of the JSC "Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Apparatus" has been renewed by almost 100%. This is a single Ukrainian manufacturer of complete transformer substations of different modifications, hauling substations for railway, complete distributive devices for thermal and nuclear power plants.

The JSC "Rivne Plant "Gazotron" launched the option for water utilization, which contains mercury. This a single option in the Western Region of Ukraine. The enterprise continues collaboration with the Moscow Electric Lamp Plant in the field of mastering of energy conservation lamp production.

In 2002 the level of commodity production manufacturing has been increased by 2.5 times at the Enterprise "Rivnetorf" by comparison with 2001.

There are taken measures on providing production growth of agricultural products in Rivne Region, improvement of financial results of management activity, solution social problems in the village. Today 451 private agricultural enterprises and 546 farm facilities are functioning in the region; the infrastructure of the agrarian market has been formed; the network of its functioning is improved. The reform in the village provided the stabilization and increase of main agricultural production.

The positive changes in the field of construction and architecture of the region were taken place for the last several years. The production of modern energy conservation effective materials, wares and constructions (foam polystyrene plates, foam concrete blocks, dry construction mixtures, warm effective glass-glazed windows and doors, meters of gas, water and others) has been arranged.

In the annual All-Ukrainian competition of the best objects put into operation, Rivne Region is traditionally represented by many objects-laureates. Among the best objects there are the "Ukrburshtyn" Plant, administration building of the regional tax administration, first turn of the regional oncologic dispensary, Bereznivka match factory, medical building № 1 of the hospital for invalids of war in the village of Klevan, small student town of the National University "Ostrog Academy" and others.

The investment processes are activated in the region. In 2002 there were mastered the investments in the fixed assets at expenses of all financing sources to the amount of 702 million hryvna that exceeds the level of 2001 by 15.1%.

In 2002 121.4 thousand square m of habitation was put into service in the region that exceeds the level of 2001 by 25.2%.

The investment project of production renewal of electric power at the Khrinnytska HPP has been developed in 2002 at expense of the governmental innovative facilities to the amount of 960 thousand hryvna.

The volume of direct foreign investments in the regional economy is extended. Among countries-investors there are most contributions from the Great Britain, Russian Federation, USA and Moldova. The most foreign investments were attracted in processing industry, transport, wholesale and retail trade, and agriculture.

Following highways as Kyiv-Warsaw, Kyiv-Brest, Kyiv-Lviv and Kyiv-Chernivtsi pass through the territory of Rivne Region. The junctions of Rivne, Zdolbuniv and Sarny maintain many railways crossing the territory of the region.

The International Airport Rivne receives the aircrafts of all types. The JSC "Rivne Airline Universal-Air" carries out transportation of passengers and cargo on international and internal airlines, renders aviation services in other industries of national economy, repairs the aviation equipment.

The regional growth rates in the volume of retail commodity turnover are one of the highest in Ukraine. In 2002 it has been increased by 33% at 16.4% in Ukraine.

The tendency to growth of the regional foreign trade turnover is stable. The most volumes of export deliveries were carried out in the Russian Federation, Poland, Italy and Germany. The biggest share in the export structure is occupied by wood and wood wares, organic chemical compounds, fertilizes, electric machines, cereals and glass wares.

The most products are imported from the Russian Federation, Poland, Germany, Byelorussia and Netherlands. The basis of import is oil and products of its refining, paper and cardboard, machines and equipments, ground transport facilities, plastic and plastic wares.

Due to the use of small business potential in the region it was succeeded to solve the problem of passenger motor-car transportation, to satisfy the regional demands in establishments of trade, public catering and sphere of services. The share of small business in local budgets incomes makes 22%.

There are positive changes in the complex use of minerals, water and forest resources in Rivne Region. 624 deposits of minerals of state and local value were developed on the region’s territory. The most important are beds of building and facing stone, including basalts, pottery raw material, cement raw material, peat, tuff, phosphorite, sand, brick-tiled raw material and mineral waters. The deposits of burshtine single in Ukraine were found and are being developed here. The geological supplies of peat on the region’s territory make 18% of the national volume.

The unique basalts of Rivne Region are used for production of architectural-construction wares, quarry-break-stone products and paving blocks. The manufacturing of heat insulation materials from basaltic raw material has been arranged; it permanent demand is in construction, aircraft and shipbuilding. The stocked woods in the region make about 100 million cube m. 40% of Rivne territory is covered with woods. The active work on renewal of forest supply is proceeding in the region; the deep working of wood and its complex use is stimulated.

Rivne land is rich in superficial water. It creates favourable conditions for the complex use of water resources of the region, including development of small power engineering, fish economy and tourism.

There are 27 higher educational establishments of all levels of accreditation in Rivne Region, including four universities, among it the Ostrog Academy with the status of national university has been reconstructed. The scientific researches and developments in the region are provided by 18 organizations.

875 medical-prophylactic establishments, 170 ambulatory-out-patient establishments and 635 feldsher-midwife stations are functioning in the region.

The measures directed on saving and subsequent development of establishments of culture and creative potential of the branch are consistently taken in Rivne Region. Today two regional theatres are operating in the region such as musical-drama and doll as well as regional philharmonic society, 598 library establishments, 688 establishments of club type, 34 schools of aesthetic education and 10 state museums and preserves.

Rivne Region became the center of many international festivals such as Slavic Folk-Lore Festival "Kolyada", Children's Choral Collective "Vesnyani Dzvonochky", Choreographic Art Collective "Stezhkamy Mavky", Youth Traditional Folk Art Collective "Drevlyanski Dzherela", Children's Folk-Lore Collective "Kotylasya Torba" and others.

The purposeful activity of the regional executive authorities on creation of favourable business and investment climate in combination with powerful economic, scientific and technical, resource and human potential of the region and its successful geographical location assists to expansion of inter-regional and intergovernmental collaboration volumes, to gradual transition of economic complex and social sphere of the region into the European standards of production, consumption and social security.

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