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Cooperation in Science and Education

 International students have an opportunity to study in more than 240 universities in Ukraine and gain the specialization in different scientific fields. The main languages of instruction in Ukrainian Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) are Ukrainian, Russian or English. Every year higher educational establishments welcome students from more than 150 countries.

Ukrainian HEIs provide such levels of higher education:

  • Junior Bachelor;
  • Bachelor;
  • Master;
  • Doctor of Philosophy;
  • Doctor of Science.

Foreigners enroll to Higher Educational Institutions on accredited educational programs:

  1. twice a year, before and at the beginning of the academic semester (until November 1 and until March 1 accordingly) for the degree programs – Junior Bachelor, Bachelor and Master;
  2. during the year for postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, clinical studies, medical residency, programs of the preparatory faculty (department), and the academic mobility programs.

The main informational source about higher education in Ukraine for foreign students is Ukrainian State Center for International Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Center is only one official state platform, which is engaged into preparation of foreign students for study in Ukraine. On official web-site http://studyinukraine.gov.ua entrants can get general information about studying programs, apply procedure and other practical advice.
Besides this, entrants can apply for studying online in any higher educational establishment in Ukraine via site http://studyinukraine.gov.ua.

Ukrainian State Center for International Education provides such services: processing the student’s documents, helping with choosing the university and studying program, presenting documents to the higher educational establishment, receiving the invitation, visa support, meeting in the airport.


Vocational education in Ukraine

Ministry of Education Ukraine (Ukraine MON) is the central executive body formation and implementation of national policy on vocational education and is directed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. According to the tasks assigned to it MONmolodsport Ukraine: determine the perspectives and priorities of vocational training, provides legal and methodological support to the functioning of educational institutions and vocational training institutions, develop national education standards monitored by inspection, licensing, certification and accreditation of educational institutions regardless of ownership and subordination; defines a strategy for monitoring the quality of education and ensures its realization; ensures the formation of an optimal network of educational institutions and institutions of vocational education; forms each year and offer proves the state order for training labor for public purposes.

Find out more about vocational education in Ukraine: http://proftekhosvita.org.ua/en/


Univesities of Ukraine

Sumy State University

Sumy State University invites you to international cooperation in:

Launching joint scientific and research projects

Sumy State University is a reliable partner in international grant programs and projects of the EU (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Youth in Action), the United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, bilateral scientific and research projects, grants of private foundations.

Organizing joint academic and mobility programs

Sumy State University develops academic mobility programs with partners from the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, China, Japan and other countries all over the world using technologies of credit transfer and recognition of academic results.

Inviting lecturers from foreign universities to the SUU

We would be delighted to host you for lecturng! Sumy State University regularly invites foreign lecturers to contribute to the studies in the majority of specialties.

And more...

Please visit us at our Website

or contact directly:

International Affairs Office:

Tel/fax: +38 (0542) 33-10-81

E-mail: info@dir.sumdu.edu.ua

About the SSU

  • More than 16 thousand people receive their education on different studying forms, education and qualification levels of ‘junior specialist’, ‘bachelor’, ‘specialist’, ‘master’ on 60 specialties according to 40 directions in 23 fields of knowledge. About 1250 foreign students from almost 60 countries of the world are enrolled at SSU.
  • According to the worldwide Internet rating Webometrics, SSU takes the 11th place among Ukrainian institutions of higher education (July 2013).
  • According to Internet resource 4ICU (International Colleges & Universities), that is considered to be a search engine and international database of higher education institutions SSU takes the 16th position among Ukrainian universities.
  • According to the largest abstract and citation database SCOPUS, Sumy State University holds the 17th position among Ukrainian universities by the number of citations by world scientific community of SSU researchers’ published works. The University takes the 17th place according to th h-index (scientific research impact index).
  • According to the worldwide student Internet-competition, the International Association of Professional Programmers TopCoder has identified SSU to be in the top 50 universities in the field.
  • By the number of prizes in All-Ukrainian competitions of students’ research works SSU takes the leading place among Ukrainian higher education institutions (th 1st place in 2011-2012).
  • According to the nationwide ranking of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Sumy State University is in the third position in the “classical universities" group.
  • The University is a signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum and a full member of the lntemational Association of Universities, European Association of Universities, Eurasian Association of Universities, World Health Organization, Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastem Europe and the Black Sea Region and other international organizations.
  • Sumy State University international cooperation area involves more than 100 partners abroad from the Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, Sweden, the USA and other countries of the world.
  • Sumy State University is a reliable partner in international grant programs and projects of the EU (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Youth in Action), the United Nations Development Program, World Bank, bilateral scientific and research projects, grants of private foundations. In the last 5 years the number research papers in the framework of international grant projects has increased about 20 times.
  • Sumy State University is actively developing academic mobility programs, including long-term and short-term study abroad programs, internships and placement programs; professional development and research programs for postgraduate students, research and teaching staff, using the technologies of credit transfer and recognition of academic results.
  • 85 Doctors of Sciences, Professors and about 480 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D) and Associate Professors work at the University. There are 30 post-graduate programs, post-doctoral programs and special academic councils on 9 specialties.
  • Publishing house of the University edits 10 specialized scientific journals.
  • Affiliated branch of UNESCO, resource and educational centers of MICROSOFT, CISCO, DELCAM, NETCRACKER, 1C, SIEMENS and other companies are operating at SSU.
  • According to the championship “Champion of Ukraine" and “First Ukrainian Festival team sports” SSU is in the top ten universities of the country, occupying the 7th place among all universities in Ukraine.
  • SSU incorporates such institutions as Medical Institute, Faculty of Technical Systems and Power Effective Technologies, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social
  • Communications, Faculty of Economics and Management, 2 educational and scientific Institutes in Shostka and Konotop, 4 colleges, technical schools, 2 scientific-educational centers of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, scientific center of rocket forces and artillery. There are also nearly 40 secondary schools, lyceums and gymnasiums.

List of “Specialist” and “Master” programs available at SSU: 

  • jurisprudence
  • general medicine
  • medical prophylaxis
  • dentistry
  • journalism
  • media communications
  • advertising and public relations
  • translation
  • quality, standardization and certification
  • project management
  • management of innovation activity
  • business-administration
  • administrative management
  • economics of environment and nature resources
  • economics of enterprise
  • marketing
  • finances
  • management of organization and administration
  • ecology and environmental protection
  • computer mechanics
  • applied mathematics
  • informatics
  • project information technologies
  • computerized systems of management and automatics
  • applied material science
  • engineering technologies
  • hydraulic machines, hydraulic actuators and hydra pneumatic automation
  • metal-cutting equipment and systems
  • tooling production
  • chemical industry equipment and equipment for building materials’ enterprises
  • power management
  • refrigerating installations
  • compressors, pneumatic units and vacuum equipment
  • electronic and technical systems of power consumption
  • physical and biomedical electronics
  • electronic appliances and devices
  • electronic systems
  • chemical technologies of high-molecular compositions
  • public service
  • management of financial and economic security
  • intellectual property
Cultural and humanitarian cooperation