Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Kyiv 18:22

Membership of Ukraine in the Executive Council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

According to the decision of the 16th annual session of the Conference of the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which was held on 28 November – 2 December 2011 in The Hague (The Netherlands), Ukraine was elected as a member of the Executive Council of the OPCW for the fourth time.

This executive board of the OPCW consists of 41 out of 188 State Parties to the Organization, elected by the Conference of the States Parties to the CWC for a term of two years.

Ukraine, being a party to the Convention and the member state of the OPCW since November 1998 takes active part in the activities of the relevant bodies of above-mentioned international organization, realizing the necessity of strengthening the global regimes of non-proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction, encouragement and development of international cooperation in the area of chemical disarmament, protection of national interests in the sphere of chemical science and industry.

The membership of Ukraine in the OPCW Executive Council includes partaking of Ukrainian delegation in the regular sessions (from May 2012 till May 2014), which are held for the purpose of considering the important issues related to chemical disarmament and activities within the Organization’s competences, as well as developing and adopting the relevant executive decisions etc.

The sessions of the Executive Council are dealing with a wide range of issues, such as the review of implementation of the Convention by its States Parties, namely, with regard to destruction of chemical weapons and their former production facilities reported by the number of states; assessment of the influence of the scientific and technological developments on the Convention’s activities and the status of its implementations on the national levels; possibilities of further extension of this multilateral treaty and development of international cooperation within the competence of the OPCW, including counteracting the displays of chemical terrorism.

In accordance with its Rules of Procedure, and with effect from 12 May 2013, the Council elected by acclamation Ambassador of Ukraine O.Horin as its new Chairperson, for a term of office ending on 11 May 2014.

The Ukrainian side makes an effort to develop the following fields of collaboration with the OPCW, which are priorities for our country:

  • cooperation within the framework of the Article XI of the Convention, which encourages the CWC State Parties to develop the mutually beneficial exchange of the scientific and technical information, thus providing the basis to conducting joint scientific and applied projects (including the areas of agriculture, pharmaceutics, medicine etc);
  • influence on solutions regarding the chemical weapons destruction, which might be to infringe on Ukraine interests;
  • assistance to the inspection activities of the OPCW, related to verifying of the chemical industry production facilities of the State Parties to the Convention;
  • further development of cooperation in accordance with the Article X of the CWC, to which every State Party to the CWC undertakes to provide assistance and protection against the use of chemical weapons to any other State Party to the CWC.

Furthermore, as a member of the Executive Council during 2012-2014, Ukraine is aiming to stress the necessity of stimulating the international cooperation in strengthening safety of the chemical industry production facilities, as well as destruction or utilization of the stockpiles of waste and excessive toxic chemicals.