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The XVII International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future"

06 серпня, 00:00

The XVII International Forum

"Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future"


to the International Exhibition Centre (15 Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine)

on November 5-7



  • Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine
  • International Exhibition Centre


Forum Format:

  • Sectoral exposition "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine" is the traditional demonstration platform for achievements and prospects of national fuel and energy companies.
  • XVII International Trade Fair "Power Engineering for Industry '2019" is the key exhibition event with the participation of leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers that present the latest technologies and efficient electrical and power equipment for the needs of power plants, substations, high-voltage power grids, power distribution systems, industrial power supply systems, etc. "Power Engineering for Industry" exposition is thematically complemented by the trade fair "ELECTRO INSTALL ‘2019" which demonstrates a wide range of low voltage electrical products, electronic devices, automation that are widely used in various sectors of production, economic activity and everyday life.
  • IV International Trade Fair "OILGASEXPO '2019" is the main event for demonstration of modern technologies, equipment and services for exploration, extraction, transportation, distribution, refining, processing and storage of oil and gas by Ukrainian and foreign companies.

·     ІV International Trade Fair "Mining & Minerals Expo2019" is  the main trade fair of the coal and mining industry of Ukraine that will present the latest samples of mining and mineral processing equipment, as well as modern mining technologies.


  • ·      Business program provides the unique opportunity for professionals, businessmen and managers to exchange ideas and establish cooperation.


  • ·      VI All-Ukrainian Power Engineers Workshop within the business program will be aimed at integrating world achievements and best practices into production processes of power engineering and industrial enterprises.


We invite you to join

the XVII International Forum

"Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future"

and take part

in the International Trade Fairs

"Power Engineering for Industry '2019", "ELECTRO INSTALL 2019", "OILGASEXPO '2019", "Mining & Minerals Expo2019"



For participation please contact:

Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine:

tel./fax: +380 44 531-36-12; e-mail: natalia.kazakova@mev.energy.gov.ua



International Exhibition Centre:

15 Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine 02002

tel./fax: +380 44 201-11-57, 201-11-78; e-mail: lyudmila@iec-expo.com.ua

web-site: www.iec-expo.com.ua