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ТОВ «Азовкабель» - одне з провідних підприємств електротехнічної промисловості України – пропонує свою продукцію на ринок Нідерландів
Опубліковано 02 квітня 2014 року о 18:34

"Azov Cable" LTD invites to cooperate.

 We offer a range of services:


  • electric network designing;
  • cable, wire, hardware, electrical and lighting materials supply;
  • switchboard assembling;
  • external and internal electric networks installation;
  • as-built documents execution;
  • electric installations commissioning;
  • subsequent maintenance.

We carry out the full range of electrical work on internal power supply networks,

internal and external lighting of residential and public buildings, houses, industrial enterprises.

Works on installation of external electrical networks:

installation and reconstruction of transformer and distribution substations up to 10kV (at customer's request we can offer the block transformer substations BKTP)

all kinds of cable works: earthworks, laying and repair of cable lines, installation of cable joints 0.4-10kV; laying of overhead power lines, SIW, construction of ETL;

          We successfully cooperate with leading manufacturers of electrical, lighting materials and cabling and wiring products. We use the equipment of both foreign and domestic manufacturers:

- PJSC "Azovcable", Berdyansk

- PJSC "Yuzhkabel" Plant, Kharkov

- PJSC Odessa cable factory "Odesacable", Odessa

- PJSC "Zaporozhye Cable Plant", Zaporozhye

- PJSC "BAC of Ukraine», Kyiv

- SE "Cable systems", Kramatorsk

- PJSC "Khmelnitsky plant of transformer substations", Khmelnitsky



Product quality is certified by State Standard of Ukraine, as well as by certificates of conformity of:

       - Autonomous Nonprofit Organization ANOC "CEKAB";

       - Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce;

       - Registered in the Register of  CERTEX Certification System;

       - Products are certified for Quality management systems ISO 9001 - 2000;


Our company supplies:

- Power cable with insulation of threaded polyethylene

- Power cable 1-10 kV

- Power cable of up to 1 kV

- Installation wire

- Non-insulated wire

- Winding wire

- enameled wires

- Fiber optic cable

- Telephone cable

-  Control cable 

-  Long distance cable

- Signal and block cable

- Oil transformers, general-purpose transformers, railroad transformers.

- Dry transformers, transformer substations, prefabricated switchgears, lighting panels.

- Cable tracks laying systems.

- Low-voltage equipment.

- Lighting products. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting.

-  Electrical-installation products.


Low-voltage panel cutout equipment installation:

Our engineers will select the equipment, recommend distribution system, accounting, system of backup power supply and control over domestic and industrial purposes devices, for reliable, continuous and effective use of the "low" part of the substation to local consumption networks

  • 0.4 kV distribution panels of  РУ series 
  • Automatic transfer equipment ATE
  • Lighting panel and Instrumentation  panel of LP and IP series
  • Motor control centers of MCC series
  • Local control panel of LCP series
  • Portable socket panels of PCP series
  • Distribution center of DC series
  • Boxes with step-down transformer
  • Combined storeyed distribution switchboard  of CSB series
  • Complete condenser units of CCU series
  • Automatic process control system of APCS series
  • Lighting control boxes of LCB series
  • Input switching device of ISD series

each product of this type is provided with passport and meets Standard's requirements.


If you are interested in lighting fixtures, we will help to highlight any industrial, commercial and sports facilities, as well as to solve various problems on external and special lighting.

Types of light fixtures:

  • Phosphor spotlight 
  • Phosphor open 
  • Phosphor with dissector 
  • Explosion-proof lighting fixtures
  • Suspended industrial lighting fixtures
  • Emergency lighting 
  • Floodlight projectors 
  • Architectural accent lighting projectors 
  • Fluorescent sealed 
  • Enclosed light bus 
  • Street light

Contact: Ms. Kateryna Krasna

Chief Business Development Officer

42 Saksaganskogo st., Kiev, 01033, Ukraine

tel. +38 044 490 73 73 | fax. +38 044 246 60 61

e-mail: [email protected] | Skype: mice_tc_yana





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