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Commercial proposals of “Wholesale Market of Agricultural Products “Shuvar” Ltd.”
Опубліковано 12 травня 2014 року о 16:21



Wholesale Market of Agricultural Products “Shuvar” Ltd.


                                                                                              Commercial proposal

LLC "The market of agricultural products "Shuvar "-  the largest wholesale market of agricultural products in Ukraine. Daily on the market sells about 1,500 tons of fruits and vegetables. At present - is the first in Ukraine multifunctional complex, based on a unique concept. This complex unites storage, manufacturing, retail and office spaces, but also a place where are concentrated of wholesale operators of agriculture.         

We offer to wholesale and retail organizations deliveries of fresh, agricultural and other products from Ukrainian manufacturers. We are able to provide delivery throughout Europe.

We offer:

Search and selection of Ukrainian goods in accordance with the stated needs:

- Food::

  1. Crystal Sugar (from sugar beets) in polyethylene bags of 50 kg (price      670-720 EUR/t);

  2. Sunflower Oil in 1 liter plastic bottles. (price $ 1.05-$ 1.10 per bottle).

  3. Wheat Flour Extra and first grade, packed in:

       - 2 kg (cardboard) - $ 0.84 (per pack)

       - 5 kg (cardboard) - $ 2.05 (per pack)

       - 10 kg (p / e bag) - $ 3.65 (per bag)

       - 50 kg (p / e bag) - $ 16.90 (per bag)


 4. Groats in the range of p / e bags of 50 kg:

   Semolina - 415 $ / t

   Buckwheat - 650 $ / t

   Pearl barley - 400 $ / t

   Yellow Peas Polished - 550 $ / t


5. Fresh vegetables and fruitsin assortment (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, watermelon, melon, etc.):

Cabbage Early in cardboard boxes - 0.35-0.39 euros per kilo;

Cauliflower in cardboard boxes - 0.7-0.85 euros per kilo;

Fresh vegetable marrow in cardboard boxes - 0.65-0.75 euros per kilo;

Cucumber in cardboard boxes - 0.6-0.65 euros per kilo;

Cucumber gherkin in cardboard boxes - 0.95-1.00 euros per kilo;

Tomatoes in cartons - 1.20-1.35 euros per kilo.


6. Canned fish in assortment;


7. Hard cheeses in assortment from fat to 50% and more than 50%.


8. Pickled fruits and vegetables in stock.


9. Carbonated and non-carbonated drinks in assortment of Ukrainian production.


10. Natural fruit juices of  Ukrainian production


11. The other products of everyday use.


- Manufactured goods:


1. Toilet paper - 67-69 euros for 1,000 pieces;

  also napkins, paper towels in assortment.


2. Paraffin candles in assortment (lamp, classic candles, for special events) at a price from 0.12 euros per piece.


3. Glass jars in assortment.


4. Others manufactured goods.


Prices for the products are in terms of DAP Kosice. Price may vary according to the market situation.


                                                   The customer provides the following documents:

          Request for Product Search on the Ukrainian market. This document must contain the name of the product, specifications and other important information about the product. We will make every effort to ensure that our proposal became the basis for a stable and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We are confident that your decision - it's the right choice for quality, price and efficiency.   


LLC «Market of agricultural product «Shuvar»

Bank: PJSC «VS BANK» , Lviv, Ukraine


Account: 26001000010256

Adress: 79070, Ukraine, Lviv, Khutorivka str. 4-B

e-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

+38 (050) 417 11 11  Максим Дробот

+38 (067) 771 41 44  Микола Козак

+38 (067) 674 17 36  Наталя Коник

Тел./факс +38 (032)  295 19 19  

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